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Certified   -   Licensed   -   Insured   -   Experienced   -   Professional

We Provide Scheduled:

  • Roof, Gutter and Drain Clearing
  • Large-Scale Commercial Cleaning including Skylights & Solar Panels
  • Inspection, Identification & Photo Documentation

Additional Services:

  • Residential & Commercial Repair and Maintenance
  • Structural Upgrades & Improvements

RME’s, facilities managers and building owners that perform timely and preventative maintenance are making a wise investment. Studies show that commercial roofs are consistently replaced years before the expected service life of the roof. Experience shows this is almost always due to neglect or improper maintenance and repairs. Pacific Roof Cleaning provides cost effective scheduled roof maintenance, gutter and drain clearing along with professional inspections for millions of square feet annually.  We also provide commercial skylight and solar panel cleaning. 

We are an experienced building contractor and NRCIA certified roof inspector. While providing our service, we identify issues that require attention and provide this information along with photo documentation to your trusted service provider. Alternatively, we are prepared for any facet or scale of repairs or improvements on all types of commercial roof systems. Many of the most successful and respected organizations have depended on us for years. Ask for our commercial references to find out why.