Pacific Safe Wash offers professional rust removal services using the most effective cleaner available, F9 BARC from Front 9 Restoration. As a certified applicator of F9 BARC, we can remove rust, battery acid, fertilizer stains and more. Our process greatly improves the appearance of concrete, tile, brick, pavers, stone, siding and much more.

Rust is one of the most difficult stains to remove. A professional applicator is trained to recognize different stain types and there source. F9 BARC along with professional cleaning equipment, removes stains without causing surface damage and ensuring an even appearance. Traditional techniques and cleaners marketed as rust removers leave marks on concrete and don't remove stains completely. Acids can be somewhat successful but are often dangerous to work with and can cause damage.

Other stains that are common on driveways and other paved surfaces include orange battery acid and fertilizer stains. Orange battery acid stains look similar to rust stains but they are completely different in nature. Rust does not usually seep more than 1/16” deep into concrete, whereas orange battery acid stains penetrate far deeper into the slab. F9 BARC is the first cleaner capable of removing orange battery stains, as well as rust and fertilizer stains.

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